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Campbell Crafts Vintage was founded by international Fashion Stylist Lindsay Campbell Crafts, pulling her love for fashion and all that is vintage into one online luxury boutique. Having traveled extensively with her work, she found that she was always drawn to that 50's cut and feel - with an Americana feel. Think Diners and Bowling - and you will understand where Campbell Crafts started.

Campbell/Crafts Vintage launched in 2013 and started out selling American brands that no one else in the UK stocked. Having seen the success of Campbell Crafts, winning The Best Online Boutique in 2015 at The National Vintage Awards, the decision was made to start creating and selling a small amount of own brand clothing - up first was pastel coloured diner shirts. When we were selling out and seeing bloggers, and customers alike raving about our designs, we decided to add a bowling shirt design in early 2016 along with a new diner dress and tied blouses. With the own brand being received so well, the decision was made to ONLY stock own brand with a few 'accent' items - launching in 2018!

The Fifty Five collection launched in May 2018, taking reference from Palm Springs, CA! We still stock additional pieces from specially selected retailers that we feel fit our 55 aesthetic, complement our outfit and appeal to our customer base.

Our vintage aesthetic runs slightly mainstream, meaning anyone can enjoy the look of the 50s, a classic, flattering cut transcends time and is stylish in any season, age or era!

There is something for every vintage lover at Campbell Crafts Vintage!

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